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October 5th, 2013 - By Tony


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The Pros

    Great local selection, unless you live way out in the sticks where very few humans roam.

The Cons

    Eventually, they will urge you to buy a premium membership and your personal messages will disappear after a while.

Our ReviewVisit Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish. I’m positive you’ve heard of it. It’s a primarily free dating site ,where people of all (and I do mean, all) walks of life gather in an attempt to find love…or casual sex…or a husband to secure their American citizenship. I have been on POF for a little over a year and it has been one helluva ride! Some of the other guys I talk to say that they rarely have success on POF, and I’m sure we know why. Think about this; men more than outweigh women on a free site like this. So, even your average Jane is going have her inbox flooded on any given day (get your mind out of the gutter). For every one man who is even worth the time of the women they’re pursuing, there are like 70 unworthy a-holes. These a-holes are ruining is for the rest of us. These dudes are the ones sucking up our valuable time that we could be spending time, getting to know these ladies or getting phone numbers. These a-holes are sending ladies pictures of their junk, being uncomfortably forward and talking nasty, just after introducing themselves. Fellas, I like to call these guys “nematodes” because they make up 90% of the men on Plenty Of Fish and they are often similar to an intestinal disease. By the time your average woman goes through half her inbox, she is so tired of being asked of she’s DTF that you could very well have your well-put together, clever message buried under the rubble, or even DELETED. Please do not become one of these nematodes.

This leaves you and I with the task of standing out from the rest of the guys. Sure, it’s easy to see this as a very daunting task–being heavily outnumbered by nematodes–but you’ll miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you are on POF, looking through your matches or browsing (my personal favorite) the Meet Me section, don’t just shoot through the pics and go for the ones that are absolutely appealing to the eye. Take the time to actually read the ladies profiles. If her profile clearly indicates that she hates coffee and your dumbass sends her a “let’s meet at starbucks and I’ll buy you a sumatra“, your message will likely be laughed at…then, deleted. On the same token, please resist the urge to throw 150 poles into the water. Meaning, don’t massively message the same thing to a bunch of different women. I’ve seen guys send one woman the same exact message, several times. This makes it painfully obvious that you are being “spammy”. Women are not stupid. The minute she gets your duplicate message, talking about how her ‘Dad stole the stars and put them into her eyes‘, she’ll be laughing it up with her friends and sharing your “hilarious” antics, with your profile attached. Before you know it, you’re on  Tumblr, looking like a complete tool for everyone to see! Take the time to tailor each message to her. Compliment her on something in you’ve read in her profile! Another thing I want to put into your heads, fellas; Unless she messages/posts in her profile that she desires one, DO NOT SEND PICS OF YOUR JUNK! I cannot understand guys who relentlessly bombard ladies with this crap. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a small handful of women who enjoy these pics. But, there is an even smaller quantity of women who indicate that they are “looking for a relationship” and will gleefully accept snapshots of your ding dong. These are just a few tips and cautions for getting replies and making real connections with BBWs and the type of women you are into.

We will revisit Plenty Of Fish again, as it is a site that I frequent quite often. I just wanted to share some do’s and dont’s of the dating sea. Feel free to revisit this site. Book mark it, if you need to. Ask questions in the comments and I will be sure to answer any questions you may have.

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